Apartment Patio Makeover

We loved this apartment patio make over  from Home Depot and wanted to share it with all our residents.

Decorating a small apartment balcony comes with its challenges. But Amber Kemp-Gerstel, the creative mind behind Damask Love has the small patio decorating ideas needed to make her tiny outdoor space beautiful, comfortable and great for entertaining.

This is Amber’s contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series. We send terrific design and DIY bloggers patio sets from The Home Depot, and they come up with amazing patio decor and easy solutions to some of the problems we all face with out outdoor spaces.

Amber truly made the most of every inch of her Miami apartment balcony. We love the coral and turquoise color scheme she used. She also offers up some very simple decorating ideas that would work on any patio, including a darling framed chalkboard vertical garden. And the grass is so inviting!

Yes. Grass. On an apartment balcony.

Ringing in at a whopping 60 sq ft., our balcony is small but mighty.

Well…I take that back.

Before the Home Depot Style Challenge, the balcony was small and sad. So very, very sad. It housed a dead lemon tree, a pair of dirty sneakers and a plastic Adirondack chair that my husband loved – but I wanted no part of.  Basically, it was 60 sq. ft of concrete dying for some attention. Home Depot came in to save the day.

The goal with this makeover was to extend our living room room and design an outdoor entertaining area that could hold even more guests this Spring. Mission accomplished.

Step 1

My first assignment was to gather up some inspiration for color…and the Behr paint sample wall gave me all the inspiration I needed.

Step 2

Next up – replace the Adirondack chair…with something a little less reminiscent of a prison yard…although they probably don’t have Adirondack chairs in prison. But you know what I mean. I knew I could create something beautiful with the unfinished Adirondack chair that I picked up at my local Home Depot. Behr’s Youthful Coral in Semi-Gloss gave this baby a hefty dose of color that I love.

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