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  • Pet Friendly Apartments Knoxville

    Pet Friendly Apartments & Local Knoxville Dog Parks Most dogs love to socialize and play with other canine friends. At our Westland Apartments Having their own special play area where they can exercise, romp and play, or just rest in a natural setting without a leash is what a dog park is all about. Dog […]

  • Westland Apartments Knoxville

    Love Where You Live Westland Apartments Knoxville Enjoy all Knoxville has to offer! January 18, 2018 Cole Swindell Down Home Tour Cotton Eyed Joe Jan 18, 2018 Cole Swindell Down Home Tour 2018 with Special Guest Morgan Evans. The show is General Admission…. Read More MAP IT VIEW DETAILS January 19, 2018 Knoxville Ice Bears […]

  • Fun ideas for things to do in Knoxville!

    For the Hopeless Romantic: Go on a fun Murder Mystery Cruise or make it a romantic sunset cruise, aboard the Tennessee Riverboat or the Volunteer Princess Cruises. Then take a stroll along Volunteer Landing waterfront or one of Knoxville’s greenways. You can also enjoy the beauty of the nearby Knoxville Botanical Gardens or UT Gardens. Order some local food for the perfect picnic and enjoy the scenic views at one of Knoxville’s beautiful local parks and […]

  • Get a fresh start to the New Year

    Knoxville Apartments If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one or two of the following twelve items in your bedroom. You might even have all of them, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of; belongings tend to accumulate seemingly on their own. You may be intending to get rid of them “one […]

  • Places You Shouldn’t Ignore

      If your apartment home is starting to feel less than fresh after the holiday decorations come down. Take a few extra minutes and check the places you probably missed on your last cleaning binge; along with some top tips on getting them super clean!   Light Fixtures: Over time, they’ll accumulate not only dust, […]


    Decorating is challenging enough, but add no extra space and you have problems right? Wrong! Decorating for small spaces like apartments and dorms is challenging yes, but not so much you cannot accomplish this during the Christmas Season. There are some tricks and tips that can help you get going with decorating your small apartment […]

  • Need some ideas?

    The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! No, but really: Hanukkah starts today. Christmas is now 12 days away. And Kwanzaa begins the day after that. Yes, there’s always express shipping, but this time of year that’s hardly the most dependable or cost-effective move (lost package alert = saddest news ever on Christmas Eve). […]

  • We Love This

    Make Christmas Crackers! Transform holiday cookies and candy into Christmas crackers for an extra festive touch. They’re perfect for gifting and make lovely party favors. Stack this year’s holiday cookies and sweets inside store-bought clear tubes. They’re more affordable — and festive — than tins or plastic containers, and they’re also sturdier in transit than […]

  • In Your New Apartment

      Whether you find yourself moving to a new apartment that’s smaller than your last; or maybe just wish you were more organized and want to use your move as the ideal opportunity to make that happen, here are a few tried-and-true storage and organization ideas to help make your new space all it can […]

  • Rental Apartment Guests Without a Guest Room

    Everybody gets the itch to take a long weekend away; particularly if there hasn’t been time for a full-fledged vacation. So what do you do if you find yourself on the receiving end of a call from a friend who wants to drop in for a night or two—but your apartment doesn’t have a guest […]

  • How to Organize the Kitchen in 30 Minutes!

    Organizing your kitchen can seem overwhelming. Even in small kitchens, there are usually multiple cabinets and shelves, and so many different potential areas for clutter: food, cleaning supplies, dishes, and so on. But creating a neater kitchen doesn’t have to be an onerous all-day project. You can really get a lot done in 30 minutes. […]

  • Ready for the Holidays

    Warm Autumnal Tones, Tasteful Turkeys and More One of our favorite things about the holidays aside from gathering together with friends and family, eating a ton of delicious food and getting time off from work is decorating our home to reflect the spirit of the season.  From wreathes for your door to autumnal throw pillows […]