December 2017

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  • Places You Shouldn’t Ignore

      If your apartment home is starting to feel less than fresh after the holiday decorations come down. Take a few extra minutes and check the places you probably missed on your last cleaning binge; along with some top tips on getting them super clean!   Light Fixtures: Over time, they’ll accumulate not only dust, […]


    Decorating is challenging enough, but add no extra space and you have problems right? Wrong! Decorating for small spaces like apartments and dorms is challenging yes, but not so much you cannot accomplish this during the Christmas Season. There are some tricks and tips that can help you get going with decorating your small apartment […]

  • Need some ideas?

    The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! No, but really: Hanukkah starts today. Christmas is now 12 days away. And Kwanzaa begins the day after that. Yes, there’s always express shipping, but this time of year that’s hardly the most dependable or cost-effective move (lost package alert = saddest news ever on Christmas Eve). […]

  • We Love This

    Make Christmas Crackers! Transform holiday cookies and candy into Christmas crackers for an extra festive touch. They’re perfect for gifting and make lovely party favors. Stack this year’s holiday cookies and sweets inside store-bought clear tubes. They’re more affordable — and festive — than tins or plastic containers, and they’re also sturdier in transit than […]

  • In Your New Apartment

      Whether you find yourself moving to a new apartment that’s smaller than your last; or maybe just wish you were more organized and want to use your move as the ideal opportunity to make that happen, here are a few tried-and-true storage and organization ideas to help make your new space all it can […]